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Optimize your productivity by leveraging our expertise in state of the art web and cloud technologies. Whether web development, web hosting, or big data, we specialize in finding sustainable, holistic solutions to maximize your ROI with minimal effort.

Some of Our Services

Web Apps
Mobile Apps
Progressive Web Apps
WordPress Sites
eCommerce Platforms
Content Writing
Chat Bot Natural Language Processing (NLP) Training
IT Consultation
Reports & Analytics

Our Business Process

Outline Requirements

Got an idea? Great! We'll help you scope out your project and provide a detailed proposal on how to achieve the requirements.

Depending on your requirements, we'll arrange a contract.

Design and development will begin once the contract is mutually agreed upon.

Design & Develop

We follow our design process to create documentation, wireframes, mockups, or any type of prototype necessary to establish a visual and logical path for the project.

Once the direction is known, we begin development using the latest tools and technologies. During this phase, our Scrum methodology requires us to regularly sync up with you. This ensures you are aware of the progress at every step of the way.

Service & Support

Once a project is complete, we offer continued services and technical support as and when required.

In addition, we can help to equip your project with means to become self sufficient through implementations of ticketing, CRM systems, system performance monitoring, and optimization.

Bring your ideas to life

An array of design methodologies and technologies are at our fingertips to bring your ideas into reality.

Web Services & Cloud Solutions for Enterprise

  • Enterprise WordPress hosting with strong focus on security, performance, scalability, and uptime
  • High performance NAXSI Web Application Firewall (WAF) protects against threats such as SQL injection, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), request forgery, and other attacks from bots and hackers
  • Secure vulnerable applications with OAuth and OpenID Connect authorization proxies
  • Highly scalable enterprise cloud hosting and consulting for Kubernetes and Docker
  • Agile web development with cutting-edge technologies such as React, NextJS, GatsbyJS, NodeJS, Vue, NodeJS, Docker, GraphQL, Apollo Client and Apollo Server, Elasticsearch, Single Sign On (OpenID Connect, OAuth, SAML), LDAP / Active Directory, Webpack, and Amazon Web Services
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and Digital Marketing for businesses
  • Performance optimization to improve website loading speed, user experience, and SEO
  • Chatbot productization

Creative Solutions

  • Content management design
  • Integrations, migrations, and DevOps
  • Autoscaling workloads for servers, websites, microservices, and more
  • WordPress plugin development
  • UI/UX design and research
  • Product planning and design
  • Graphic design
  • Web vector animations
  • Responsive design
  • Progressive web apps
  • Application modernization

Technical Consultations

  • Agile business development
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Strategic solution planning
  • Workflow process optimization
  • Data analysis
  • IT architecture planning
  • Business scaling
  • Inbound marketing

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