Our Work

Simply Soundproofing Website

Simply Soundproofing is a B2C organization that supplies sound isolation and absorption equipment. Lodus designed and developed the e-commerce website for Simply Soundproofing in 2021. Click here to visit the website.

Atlantic Coast ToyotaLift Website

Atlantic Coast ToyotaLift is a company providing material handling solutions. Whether you need to buy or rent forklifts and forklift parts, Atlantic Coast ToyotaLift has you covered. They also offer safety training programs for operating forklifts in compliance with safety standards.

Lodus Website

The Lodus website is an ongoing project to market our business. It was developed from scratch with technologies like React, Typescript, and NextJS.

Sound Acoustic Solutions Website Home Page

Sound Acoustic Solutions Website

Sound Acoustic Solutions is a manufacturer of acoustic and thermal insulation products.

Ferris Wheel Official Website Front Page

Ferris Wheel Website

Ferris Wheel is an organization which helps students to get loans for college.