Wordpress security issues

WordPress Security Challenges: How to Find Your Way Around

Are you worried about WordPress security? WordPress powers a large segment of the web. Every 6 months, 1.1 million new WordPress domains go online. It is one of the best solutions to host your website that drives 39.5% of the Internet. Yet, just choosing WordPress doesn’t make your website secure. In fact, not being able to manage your […]

Chatbots customer service

How Chatbots Can Help You Provide Excellent Customer Service

Can a simple chatbot improve customer service? Providing good customer service is not a choice anymore. 9 out of 10 Americans rely on service to decide whether they want to buy from a business. Naturally, providing stellar customer service is not only essential for profitability but also to survive the competition. However, excelling at customer […]

Devops development

Can DevOps Reduce Development Bottlenecks?

DevOps is the hot topic for any business in tech. Big names like Netflix and Amazon use DevOps to develop quickly and frequently. According to the 2020 DevOps Trends Survey, 99% of organizations agree that DevOps impacts development and business performance positively. However, not everyone is sure how a DevOps methodology can help you achieve […]

Benefits of Devops for industries

Is DevOps Meant for Your Business?

Over 60% of businesses have achieved or on their way to attaining DevOps maturity. DevOps adoption is growing by leaps and bounds, driving the global market to $10.31 billion by 2023. Cost savings, better quality, faster time to market—the benefits of DevOps are too many to pen down. Amidst the growth of DevOps, many businesses […]

Benefits of SEO 2021

Do Businesses Still Need SEO in 2021?

The primary goal of SEO hasn’t changed since its inception, i.e., to increase website traffic. However, the benefits of SEO have evolved to help businesses understand searchers and target customers. SEO began its journey from the mid-1990s’ keyword stuffing to become intuitive enough to understand searcher intent in 2021. The path has been quite bumpy, […]