How Chatbots Can Help You Provide Excellent Customer Service

Can a simple chatbot improve customer service?

Chatbots customer service

Can a simple chatbot improve customer service?

Providing good customer service is not a choice anymore. 9 out of 10 Americans rely on service to decide whether they want to buy from a business. Naturally, providing stellar customer service is not only essential for profitability but also to survive the competition.

However, excelling at customer experiences doesn’t always need a huge investment and a team of customer representatives. Modern technology has gone so far as to replace human involvement and serve your customers in the best way.

In this respect, a chatbot can help you provide amazing customer experiences at a fraction of the cost. Let’s find out how.

Automate Support Around the Clock

A chatbot is a virtual assistant driven by artificial intelligence. AI virtual assistants are now a part of our daily life and help us live better. You are interacting with an audio chatbot when you ask Siri or Alexa about the weather.

In the same way, you can set up a bot to chat with your customers on your website. A chatbot can use AI and machine learning to converse just like a human and provide support. You can program them to answer queries, link to resources, and more.

Best of all, you don’t need a person to stay up till 3 am to resolve customer queries. Chatbots are software and can run without supervision 24/7 once you program them.

That means you can provide support any time and create more loyal customers. Businesses in service like plumbers, painters, repairers, or even travel agencies can use chatbots to serve their customers automatically.

Expedia, ⁠— everyone now uses a chatbot for 24/7 customer service and support.

Serve Knowledgebase and Resources

Chatbots for customer service and support
Reduce tickets and the need for human agents

Chatbots are excellent at troubleshooting. You can use a chatbot to help your customers resolve common issues and understand features. Chatbots can ask your customers relevant questions and then point them towards the right resource.

You can program your bot to show videos, connect to knowledgebase, redirect to blogs and articles, and more. Industries like tech, finance, telecom, and similar businesses can reduce costs and eliminate the need for human support teams by using a chatbot.

Additionally, allowing your customers to resolve issues themselves can boost satisfaction. Statistics show 50% of millennials perceive self-service as an integral part of a brand promise.

Top names in retail like Taco Bell and Burger King have already shifted to chatbots. You can, too, install a chatbot and serve your customers best to gain a competitive edge.

Engage Customers Better

Engaging your leads is a great way to boost conversions. For that, you need to nurture your web visitors and encourage them to take action. However, you can’t push them too much to click the buy button!

The trick is to build a rapport with your visitors and help them make the purchasing decision. You will find many opportunities to assist and nurture your customers by doing a bit of research.

For example, over 50% of shoppers will quit immediately if they cannot access assistance while shopping online. Or, 57% of shoppers refrain from buying due to lack of information.

Chatbots can come in handy in such situations to assist and engage customers. If you succeed in satisfying the quench for information, your visitors will turn into your paying customers.

It’s no wonder 74% of global businesses prioritize lead nurturing. Not only can you improve your conversions, but you also provide a fantastic shopping experience to your customers.

Many industries like eCommerce use chatbots to nurture customers. Spring is one such name that relies on chatbots to drive customer engagement and provide the ultimate shopping pleasure.

No matter the industry, your chatbot is a cost-effective way to nurture clients and boost sales. Additionally, engaged customers are more loyal and self-advocates of a brand to aid in your marketing.

Serve Customer Needs Autonomously

The on-demand economy has removed the concept of traditional operating hours. Now, your customers may come any time during the night or day. However, if they find your shop closed, they may never return.

For some businesses, operating hours are now a restriction. A small clinic may lose out on its customers to a hospital that charges more but entertains 24/7 appointment booking. Anyone can call the hospital, even at 3 am and get all information about available doctors.

However, being a small business, you can’t afford to pay salaries for two shifts to take calls at 3 am.

As you’ve guessed, a chatbot is ideal in such situations. You will not need a person to handle calls and answer customer queries beyond your working hours. Your chatbot can give the list of available doctors, their timings, and even help patients to book the appointment.

Everything happens automatically without any human involvement.

Similarly, you can use your chatbot to generate business 24/7 by enabling bookings, reservations, and ordering.

Personalize Your Service

chatbot for customer service personalization
Offer a personalized service with chatbots

Personalization is the key to business success. 75% of online consumers go for brands that provide personalized offers and content. Additionally, 74% of shoppers end up getting frustrated if the content is not relevant to them.

You can gauge the need for personalization in the case of industries like finance. A person will only be interested in products that align with their financial status and goals. Recommending the wrong thing will surely make them frustrated.

Chatbots are affordable ways to provide personalized service. In fact, chatbots are now popular as personal finance advisors, helping people navigate the maze of loans and investments.

Many industries take the help of AI-driven chatbots to woo customers, like fashion and clothing. H&M, Sephora, and other top brands use chatbots for personal recommendations. . You can also personalize your service and recommend the right products for assured conversions.

Your customers will be happier and choose you over your competitors because of your approach.

Add a Human Touch

Your customers don’t like to view themselves as an order number or a support ticket. They want to be treated like a human and shown respect and care. Statistics also prove that 84% of consumers are more likely to be repeat customers if customer support treats them like a human.

Chatbots are not humans but can mimic human conversations efficiently. They can deliver a context-based service and address customers by their name. Today, chatbot technology has become so advanced that bots can write a detailed, thoughtful response like a human instantly.

Additionally, a chatbot can learn from chats and improve to even replace a human agent. That means you can add a human touch to your service without the cost of hiring a human! Isn’t that great?

Beat the Competition with Excellent Customer Service

Chatbots are a worthy addition to any website, irrespective of the industry. Your chatbot can provide unmatched customer service without costs and excel at offering superior customer experiences. Being able to delight your customers and serve them the way they want is the secret to business success. Small and medium businesses can even take on the big players and expect to stand apart from the competition.  

Lodus can help you develop AI-based chatbots that engage and nurture your website visitors. We can also program your chatbot to answer queries, serve knowledgebase, and even provide personal recommendations. Get in touch with us to know how a chatbot can improve your customer service instantly